Biosite Number:            3608

Rail Operator:                Metro

Total Fenced Area:       1.8 Ha

 Melway Ref:                  Map

Significant Species Sighted:

Rutidosus leptorrhynchoides

Friends Group:  

Friends of Skeleton Creek





August 2010 Colleen Miller

 Acacia pycnantha, argued to be planted, not indigenous to this site - invading across site.


August 2010 Weed Control  Serrated Tussock, Chilean Needle Grass, Artichoke and general broadleaf weeds.       
September 2010 Planting Rutidosus      
October 2010 Weed Control General Weed Control - Broadleaf and grassy weeds.      
November 2010 Acacia Removal Cut and paint Acacia pycnantha      

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Indigenous Flora


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