Doreen's Sketchbook

During the 1940's Doreen Eddison collected, pressed and painted wildflowers from the local grasslands near her home in Altona.  The most remarkable thing about this is that Doreen was 8 years old when she started and only 18 when she stopped collecting. She pressed and painted the flowers in a sketch book which she kept safe for many years. 

Doreen is happy for this precious collection to currently be in the hands of NatureWest with the knowledge that it will be passed onto the herbarium. In hounor of Doreen and her wildflower book protecting and enhancing a small grassland in Altona has been made possible through the EPA's Inspiring Environmental Solutions program.  This grassland has the unofficial title of Doreen's Grassland and it is located at the northern end of Grieve parade in Altona.

A facebook page about Doreens grassland has been created updates and information about Doreens grassland and book are posted to this page,

You can view a copy of Doreen's Scrap  here Download PDF