Biosite Number:            3526

Rail Operator:               Vline

Total Fenced Area:        1.2 Ha

 Melway Ref:                  Map

Significant Species Sighted:

Friends Group:  

Friends of the Organ Pipes





August 2010 Colleen Miller  Need to discuss managment of adjoining reserves with local council.


2011 April Weed Control  Grassy and broadleaf weeds      
2011 April Signage (3) Ask spray contractor to attach to fence.      
2011 April          

Species List

Indigenous Flora


Weeds Present                 


Austrostipa blackii
Danthonia sp
Dianella amoena
Einadia nutans
Glycine tabacina
Lomandra nana
Pimelea glauca
Themeda triandra
Vittadinea cuneata

  Brassica sp
Serrated Tussock
Yorkshire Fog