Three sites, with a pedestrian crossing between.


Biosite Number:            3546

Rail Operator:                Metro

Total Fenced Area:        1.2 Ha

 Melway Ref:                  Map 13 K11

Significant Species Sighted:

Pimelea spinescens
Rutidosus leptorrhynchoides
Senecio macrocarpus

Friends Group:  

Friends of the Organ Pipes
Friends of Iramoo Grasslands
Friends of Iramoo Grasslands




May 2013

Colleen Miller

A burn is being planned for this month

Aug 2010 Colleen Miller

Residents are dumping mowing clippings into sites.
Pedestrian crossing has been repaired, old asphalt dumped nearby
Some fencing needing repair
Paspalum particularly bad in drainage lines nearest to track

Aug 2010 Colleen Miller Received a report that the northern most reserve had been mown and track placed on site.  Metro have advised they will remove track when ground dries out and reinstate the northern fence, check and repair all other fencing around the reserves.


31/1/13   Floravic - Weed Control and Rubbish Removal      
2011 Weed Control  Broadleaf and Grassy weeds (Fusilade as Paspalum on top of Pimelea spinescens)  Weedy Acacia sp need to be cut and painted.      
2011 Signage x3  Ask weed contractor to attach to fences facing rail      
2011 Interpretive signage        

Species List

Indigenous Flora


Weeds Present                 

Aceanea novae zealandiae
Asperula scoparia
Brachycombe  dentata
Calophalus citreus
Centepedia sp (RP)
Comesperma polygaloides
Convolvulus erubescens
Chrysocephalum apiculatum
Dianella revoluta
Dianella  longifolia
Dichelachne crinita
Danthonia setacea
Eryngium ovinum
Geranium retrorsum
Geranium sp. (RP)
Goodenia pinnatifida
Homopholis proluta
Hypoxis vaginata
Linum marginale
Lomandra micrantha
Minuria leptophylla
Pimelea curvifora
Pimelea glauca
Pimelea spinescens  VROT
Poa labilliardiera
Poa sieberiana
Pycnosorus chrysanthes
Ptilotis spathulatus
Rutidosis leptorrhynchoides  VROT
Solengoyne dominii (RP)
Senecio squarrosus
Senecio macrocarpus  VROT
Stipa bigeniculata
Stipa curticoma
Stipa rudis
Themeda australia
Velleia paradoxa
Veronica gracilis
Vittadinia cuneata
Wahlenbergia communis
 Sightings (RP) Richard Piesse