Seed Production Begins

NatureWest has received funding through the EPA's Inspiring Environmental Solutions to set up a wildflower seed production project.


Doreen's Sketchbook

During the 1940's Doreen Eddison collected, pressed and painted wildflowers from the local grasslands near her home in Altona.  The most remarkable thing about this is that Doreen was 8 years old when she started and only 18 when she stopped collecting. She pressed and painted the flowers in a sketch book which she kept safe for many years. 

Digital Stories

NatureWest (formerly WMCN) received a grant from Vision for Werribee Plains to compile a DVD of short stories about the Basalt Plains. 

NatureWest (formerly WMCN) is located at the Homestead at Werribee Park, where we are in the process of setting up a Natural History Display.  

If you would like to be involved in the Natural History Centre, sign up here

CVA Volunteers

Along our regional and urban railways there aremany biosites. Due to their proximity to the rail lines, entering and managing these sites requires approval for the relevant rail operators. NatureWest has permission to work on some of these sites. This work is supported through a grant from VicTrack.

Glen Orden Restoration

NatureWest was able to support Wyndham City Council's Glen Orden Wetlands project by providing fencing and educational signage. Funding was received through the Community Water fund (&48,000) in 2009.